Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thinking about Becky...

Today I've been thinking about Becky Taylor Henning. Becky is Uncle Tap's youngest daughter and on Monday she is having her first, and last, birth. Becky, at age 34, decided to have one biological child, for her husband, Doug, who is adopted. I keep thinking that tying her tubes is a mistake after only one birth, but Becky says they'll adopt if they want another.

I remember the youngster Becky, visiting her Gram Taylor, here in CA, when she was only 4 years old, the first time. We have many fond memories of Becky, and her sister Tracy's, visits! And best of all, Becky remembers staying and visiting with us, too!

It is exciting to know that she is now to become a mom and perhaps we will establish a tradition of sorts, with her daughter. We have several (meaning 3) young granddaughters living rather close by and a new baby grandson coming in August.

We aren't the young folks we were when Becky was a child, but the heart stays young enough and the mind remembers good times with joy. We are excited and happy to have a new baby in the family and one that will grow up with Chris & Andrea's "son in the making!"

I miss our VA grandchildren's visits each summer and want to have them back!!! Those days can never be duplicated and once grandkids are grown those moments are gone forever...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrea

Now I know Andrea doesn't read my blogs, but her birthday is important, none the less. At 39 she isn't the happiest camper, about being pregnant ~ and barefoot in the kitchen ~ but this baby boy will bring her much joy in the long run! She looks beautiful, as she always does when pregnant, and we are excited about another little grandchild in the family.

In my growing wisdom - and age - which seem to be happening at the same time, I realize how valuable and impacting mothers and fathers are. I am grateful for a mother who asked little from me and received even less, I fear. Having her in our home for her final 16 years, I feel blessed to know her first concerns were for her children and their spouses.

She taught me many lessons about giving of oneself without the attitude of what she might receive back in return. Her simple pleasures - on birthdays and other holidays ~ are now treasures to me. She was a most selfless person and I wish I'd inherited those traits for myself.

I guess what I'm saying is that although I know I love my children unconditionally, I expect something more in return. My goal is to have the love I feel truly be unconditional in every way. Maybe my mom is still working on me... I think with the help of our Heavenly Father perhaps she is.

So happy birthday to Andrea - and of course my mom whose birthday is this coming Sunday. xoxoxo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day and Happy Birthday wishes!!

Since I write this blog, mostly for Greg, let me start by saying thank you for your comments on Theresa's blog. I happen to think Theresa is a pretty hip "step" mother and I say that with all due respect to Christina.

There are many things 'other mothers' do, for their 'other' children. One thing is to love them and to let them know this, too. Theresa hasn't had the opportunity to be a 'natural' mother, but a good one she would truly wish to be. I can not imagine she would behave differently about M,C or K.

Theresa tries to help Christina's kids, but she knows who the mother is there. T. is a (great) YW president and learns much that is good and right for teenagers in the church. Being a woman she feels things a little differently than 'natural' dads do, as well.

You have an 'other' parent to which you are very kind and loving, because you have made the decision that by doing so you are honoring all parents for trying their best to be there for you.

Our temple sealing, with you and others, is not about making us perfect, but rather about bringing us close to each other for eternity. The Lord will surely help us, if we but honor our covenants with him.

I have turned those matters over to Him. It is beyond my ability to change the hearts of others and I chose not to be resentful as a result.

I know those who loves me, accept me as I am. I am grateful for that love, for surely it is as unconditional as is my love for each of you.

It has been an interesting Mother's Day in many ways. It has not been my favorite, but I am grateful beyond words for the calls and the family members who came. We women shared the very integral part of Mother's Day - each of us being mothers' ourselves.

Special thanks, Greg, for speaking to each of the women, here today! And how wonderful of Andrea's GranPa in Australia to call us today, too.

The birthday parties were all but nil. We'll all laugh about it one day - I hope. It is late and I must close. I missed my mother very much today... her wisdom and common sense. If you are reading this blog... I love you... xoxoxo

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is Oliver's 8th birthday. It seems like yesterday that he was born! Poppy, Grammy and Syd didn't do such a good job of calling him today... we are really slipping up on this a whole lot.

I think it's because Grammy can't hear so well on the phone that she forgets about using it sometimes... like maybe ALL of the time, lately.

We are looking forward to celebrating Oliver's birthday with him this Sunday. Andrea and Poppy's birthdays are in May, as well! It is Mother's Day and we are all mothers, too. So I guess the guys will have to clean up the kitchen and the grill, eh???

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get family together for family birthdays and events. The CA grandkids are growing up so quickly ~ AND ~ so are their parents!!!

For all the mothers and May birthdays I'm making a "shout out" for the day!! Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!

Love, Grammy-Joyce

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to one and all...

This Easter the messages were so sweet and I could feel the spirit so strongly. It is always nice to have Easter following a General Conference weekend. There are few to read my comments, but the emotions are just as strong.

We had a very quiet Easter Day following our church meetings. We took a ride to Heather's group home and spent some quality time with her. She loves having guests and today was no exception.

Perhaps today my thoughts will be directed to Heather and what she means in my life.

Heather, who suffered severe damages at birth is a very unique and special sister. She asks for very little out of life. If it were my choice I would have her parents back in her daily life, but that choice is not to be. What I do know is that they are happy and healthy where they are and someday she will be joining them in paradise I feel sure.

Now joining them is something very special, for indeed Heather will be returning to Heavenly Father as a Celestialized being... We all have much work to do, here on earth, to be united with her some day.

Heather talks about how much she misses her daddy and mommy. She tends to remember them together, rather than apart. I frequently remind Heather that the place her parents have gone is so wonderful and that I know they both are waiting for her, there.

I think this brings her some peace; I know it does me.

I am so grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for it brings me the great promise of eternal life with my family and all those I so truly love. I have always known there is a Savior - since I was a tiny child. I have always felt the spirit nearby - especially when I take the time to feel and listen to the still small voice. I have had enormous promptings of the spirit and small ones, too. I am grateful to know they are real and readily available whenever I am in tune.

I want my posterity to know that those to whom I have been sealed [as well as those sealed to me] are dearer to me than anything else in my life.

I give thanks this Easter evening and always for this.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


All day today I've been reminded that today is Greg's birthday.

Greg, having been one of the best babies ever, is still a pretty sweet guy with a delightful sense of humor. The only thing is you have to guess when he's being humorous or simply being a wiseguy sometimes.

Greg's 2nd grade teacher didn't believe in "teacher's pets," but she made an exception the year Greg was in her class. Second grade is the year Greg brought home his friend, Duncan Taylor (jr), to play with him and eventually they ended up "blended" brothers (as in) two families joined together by their sister, Sydney, and sealed together in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Having just spent the week with Greg and other family members, celebrating the baptism of Jonathan Andrew Baker, we had ample opportunity to reflect upon the importance of the gospel in each of our lives and to give thanks for Greg and his impact upon his family and all those who know him.

We love you, K-bird...families are truly forever. xoxoxo

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MARCH is a GRAND month for me...

There are only two birthdays in the family for the month of March. #1 son, Webster, turns 49 on the 24th. He is making me feel very old. I have thought alot about his birth this past month as we visited our 1st GREAT grandaughter, Zuzu, in Provo, Utah.

First of all Zuzu is one of those very alert babies that are born from time to time. She stared at family members almost from the very first. When we first saw her at five weeks, she was full of smiles for her daddy. I have that recorded in photos I hope to post one day soon.

Being exceptionally beautiful and so very, very good, she reminded me of many happy memories I hold dear from when my first child was born. Webb was one of those babies that made eye contact right away. He was engaging with his mom and other people, right from the beginning...

On his first official visit (to New Rochelle, NY) for his Nana's 75th birthday, Webb stayed awake the whole car ride (one hour), the 5 hour visit and then home. He was only TEN DAYS old. That boy never slept very much, even as a tiny baby. He was always 'up' and about. By the time he was 6 months old he was pulling himself to a stand... only he couldn't sit yet, so he stood many hours in his crib - late into the night - crying for all he was worth.

He was a very exceptional child and life with Webb was never dull... as Greg can certainly attest. I guess over the past 49 years we have seen that personality & drive, still shining through. I know he doesn't do the blog thing, but happy birthday, dear firstborn son.

As for baby Zuzu, she has her own story to create and people all throughout her life to charm.

Not to be forgotten is one sweetheart of a girl who also celebrated (turned 12) her birthday this month. ALEKS, with the brown hair and brown eyes w/ such a twinkle, that she charmed us all right away. Aleks, who in many ways is a lot like her Auntie Debbie, should be a crowned princess in her family, along with Tory, Gwennie and Isabelle. Aleks, the cat lover, and second mom to her younger sisters and brothers.

March brought us visits with THE Bingham twins, Riley & Taylor - their wives Megan (Zuzu) & Katrina and also our Meg (Taylor)... all wonderful in their own ways. Now Syd and I look forward to Jonathan's baptism and visits with (8) Baker grandkids and (2) Taylor grandkids in VA, as well. Jonny makes us all feel happy with is great personality and kindliness toward others. Happy BAPTISM day, Jon!!

Yes, March is a grand month for me... with wonderful April happenings ahead.